City Center of Poitiers

Veritable Town of Art and History, Poitiers is a small provincial town where life is good.

Everything is within walking distance, it is mainly known for its historical past, they say that Poitiers is the town of a hundred bells.

The Maison de La Liberté



A gem of Romanesque Art marking the veritable town center of art and history.

And its square « Place Charles de Gaulle

Every Saturday morning, we have the pleasure of enjoying the perfume, the vibe and amazing products from our terroir, the market and flea market surrounds the Notre-Dame-La-Grande church.

la Place de la liberté

A charming tree lined, peaceful square.

In the center, a famous statue of Bartholdi representing the Statue of Liberty, erected in 1903 which gave its name to the square

Our Alleys

Every neighbourhoods’ charm varies depending on its time, Poitiers is a historical town that reflects 2000 years of architecture.

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